LED Display


Flexible LED displays are the types of LED screens which used for renting to others, so it named rental LED screen. Most of them are used for stage rental, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, etc. The main feature of LED rental screens is that they are very lightweight and have a quick lock. It can be easily and quickly disassembled and assemble.

Transparent LED display enters into retail industry quickly as a new product with new advertising display technology, which combines high transparency to high brightness, massively used on the glass wall of shops, such as jewelry shops, clothing shops, 4S stories, etc, even restaurant, hotel, fashion show, exhibition etc.


透明LED显示屏作为一种新型广告显示技术的新产品,将高透明度与高亮度相结合,大量应用于珠宝店、服装店、4S店等店铺的玻璃幕墙,甚至餐厅 、酒店、时装秀、展览等。

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