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Simplii Financial

Simplii Financial是拥有150年历史的CIBC(加拿大帝国商业银行)旗下的FinTech Brand,已经拥有200万的用户。不仅安全和信誉有保障,同时也为新移民和国际留学生提供抵达加拿大前的免费银行服务方案。

Simplii Financial is a FinTech Brand under CIBC and already has 2 million users. Not only is security and credibility guaranteed, but it also provides free banking services for new immigrants and international students before arriving in Canada.

Mercedes-Benz Richmond


Through continuous output of high-quality content, attract Chinese groups living in the Greater Vancouver area, and effectively enhance the position of the Mercedes-Benz Richmond store in the hearts of the user group, thus becoming their first choice when purchasing vehicles.

Union Pay 飨识 Taste of Vancouver

“飨食”汉语词语,意思为举行飨食之礼,是古代一种隆重的宴饮宾客之礼。BLMS通过与温哥华本地餐厅合作,帮助银联Union Pay在温哥华拓宽市场占有率。

The Chinese word “飨食” means the ceremony of eating food, which was a grand ceremony for guests in ancient times. BLMS helps UnionPay expand its market share in Vancouver by cooperating with local restaurants in Vancouver.

YVR Airport Duty-Free 机场免税店线上推广

自2015年以来,BLMS持续为温哥华机场免税店World Duty Free进行线上渠道策划及推广。推广的结果十分令人惊叹,尤其是在旅游高峰季节,客户Dufry公司的反馈表示,经过我们的推广,销售业绩有了显著的提升。

Since 2015, BLMS has continuously promoted the online promotion of World Duty Free at Vancouver Airport. The results of the promotion are very impressive, especially during travel season. The feedback from Dufry said that after our promotion, the sales performance has improved significantly.

Union Pay Your Way 享购温哥华


In the fall of 2018, UnionPay, together with dozens of high-end merchants in Greater Vancouver, presented a series of shopping promotions for UnionPay VIPs. As the executor, BLMS pushed the event to an unprecedented height from the aspects of early stage creativity, media selection, event planning, management and execution.

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